Twin Filter KTM '98

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- Dual-bonded foam design filters out even the smallest dirt particles, while allowing more airflow than two separate layer filters (flow bench proven).
- Flat foam sealing ring provides a secure seat against the airbox, even in the worst riding conditions.
- Twin Air filters are slightly smaller than stock, making them easier to change while increasing dead air space around the filter for better performance.
- Backfire filters (FR) include a laminated layer of backfire-retardant foam.
- Pre-Oiled (X) filters are pre-oiled with Twin Air BIO Foam Filter Oil using state-of-the-art filter oiling machines to provide the ultimate consistency in pore coverage.
- Supermoto (SM) filters are built with Twin Air?s Dust Cover material for added airflow.
- Washable / Reusable (reusing a TwinAir filter 40-50 times is common).
- High Quality (assembled by hand and inspected for a perfect fit).
- Packaged in a resealable bag.

Kategorie: Fahrgestell
Artikel: Luftfilter
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